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Have you been looking for brother cs6000i reviews? If you have somewhat a positive sign to the answer to this question of mine, then you’re just at the ‘RIGHT’ place.

Since you’re searching for brother cs6000i review, so I can make the assumption that you prefer to have an in-depth discussion about this topic.

I’ve been in the sewing business for over 10 years if I’m not wrong. I can still remember that when I took my final decision of entering into this business. As of now, I’ve used a lot of sewing machines to handle a wide range of sewing tasks from numerous numbers of clients.

I won’t say I haven’t encountered any negative experience with a sewing machine during this long period of time.

But, the brother cs6000i sewing machine is one sewing device I can rely on when I’ve to handle the bulk amount of projects within a short time.

With the help of this article, I’m going to share an in-depth review of the brother cs6000i sewing and quilting machine. I believe this review on the brother cs6000i sewing machine will help you get an overall idea about this machine unit.

It is to be noted that I will not only talk about the positive sides of this machine, but I’ll also mention the negative ones if I’ve faced any. In short, I will try to share my own ‘EXPERIENCE’ with this machine as detailed as possible.

Your job is to read the following discussion on brother cs6000i reviews without skipping a single section…

….because this will work as a guideline for you to understand whether this sewing machine is a PERFECT one for you.

Before I jump into all of those details about brother cs6000i reviews, it is very ‘IMPORTANT’ for YOU to know about the things you must ‘CONSIDER’ before you purchase a sewing machine.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Sewing Machine

Always keep in mind that purchasing a sewing machine is no less than an investment. So, you have to be very much CAREFUL before you buy any ordinary sewing machine without proper knowledge.

Only a proper kind of research will help you to know about the factors that you have to focus on while buying your first sewing machine.

Since I’ve been involved in the sewing business for like a decade, so, here, I’m going to talk about the most vital factors that you should keep in mind at the time of buying your sewing machine.

Here We Go….

1. Budget

I always recommend the newcomers along with every swist to give a higher level of focus on preparing the budget.

From my personal ‘EXPERIENCE’, I would say that a sewing machine is a kind of investment – no matter you’re buying the machine for personal or business purposes.

We always look for value in return when we spend our hard-earned money while buying a sewing machine. So, you have to be very ‘CAREFUL’ while you doing the budget planning thing.

Don’t think that an expensive sewing machine will be the ‘PERFECT’ fit for your sewing needs. Rather you should point out the features that you really want to have in your sewing machine.

In this way, you can determine which machine is the right one for your sewing projects.

And, then make a list of all of those sewing machines that have those features. Finally, you can compare the ‘PRICE’ of those sewing machines and ‘FIX’ the right ‘Budget’ for the machine you’re going to buy.

I always spend a handsome amount of ‘TIME’ while preparing the budget. So, I recommend you do the same.


In the case of a sewing machine, ‘brand’ is one of such factors that will always matter.

Currently, you’ll find a wide range of sewing and quilting machines from different brands. So, you have to be careful enough before choosing any particular brand.

An in-depth research, in this case, can assist you in choosing the right ‘Brand’ for your sewing machine. Don’t just believe what others say about a particular brand. In order to on the safest side, always try to collect information about a particular brand from multiple sources.

This will help you with the right kind of information to make the right decision.

The question is – ‘How will you do such type of research?’

Well, it’s not that much of a complicated task to do.

You just have to gather information on the brand image of each of the sewing machine brands presently existing in the market. You can also try to get information from your relatives and neighbors. This will help you get real information about those brands.

When you’re done with your research, try to compare among those brands. And, finally, choose the one that you think can BEST serve for your purpose.


If you have previous experience in sewing-related tasks, then you know what type of machine suits for your sewing jobs.

But, if you’re a newcomer, then you have to gather ideas about the type of sewing jobs you’re going to handle.

You won’t buy the same sewing machine for professional purposes and personal use.

Try to gather knowledge and match the features you need most for handling your sewing jobs. This way, you can find the right sewing machine for you.


Not every sewing machine will offer the same number and type of stitches. Sewing machines from different brand names offer different kinds of stitches.

So, in this case, I would suggest you make a list of the types of stitches that you really need for your sewing orders. Then, try to find out the sewing machines that offer those stitches.

In this way, you get to know which sewing machine you should make your investment in.

Electronic vs. Mechanical

It’s very important for you to decide whether you need a mechanical or an electronic sewing machine. This need for mechanical or electronic mainly depends on the type of sewing tasks you’re going to do.

In the case of a mechanical sewing machine, you have to turn the dials manually in order to get your desired stitch.

On the other hand, an electronic sewing machine will do the mentioned job for you. This means this machine type will make the necessary adjustments automatically depending on your needs. All you have to do is to give commands by pressing the designated button.

Additional Features

In this following, I’m going to share a list of additional features that you can give a check before purchasing your sewing machine:

  • Adjustable Speed Control.
  • Needle Position Adjustment.
  • Needle Threader.
  • Automatic Thread Cutter.
  • Free Arm.
  • Knee Lifter.
  • Lighting.

Brother CS6000i Reviews

The sewing machine unit Brother CS6000i sewing and quilting machine, a wide reputed machine, is brought to you by none other than the famous brand named ‘Brother’.

Brother CS6000i Reviews

Brother Industries Ltd. is a Japanese based company that was founded in 1908. This multinational electrical and electronics equipment company is mainly famous for manufacturing a wide range of electronics equipment's – sewing & quilting machine, printers, desktop computers, label printers, typewriters, large machine tools, and this list goes on and on.

You would be surprised to know that the industrial-grade sewing machines of Brother can found in different factories located at different parts of the world.

The model Brother cs6000i Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine is specifically designed to deal with larger sewing projects. For the professionals who usually have to handle lots of sewing projects on a regular basis, the brother cs6000i sewing machine is a perfect choice. At the same time, for the easy-to-use functionalities, this sewing machine model is the right choice even for the beginners.

Being a professional swist, I usually have to handle the bulk amount of sewing orders every now and then. And, I am heavily dependent on this swing machine model because of the wide range of features and options it offers.

No matter you need a sewing machine for professional or home use, you can unquestionably choose Brother cs6000i sewing and quilting machine without having any other thought in your mind.

What’s Inside The Box?

As far as I know, you’ll get all kinds of essential accessories for your sewing tasks with the package of a new brother cs6000i sewing machine.

Here, I am sharing a list of accessories that you’ll get inside the package:

  • Hard Protective Case.
  • Oversized Table.
  • Spring action quilting foot.
  • Blind stitch foot.
  • Monogramming foot.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Overcasting foot.
  • Walking foot.
  • Button Sewing & Buttonhole Foot.
  • Installation & User manual.
  • Specification Sheet.

Key Specifications – Brother CS6000i Review

  • Dimensions – 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches.
  • Weight – 13 pounds.
  • Working Area – Brightly lit.
  • Controlling Option – Button & LCD display screen.
  • No. of Sewing Feet – 9.
  • Speed – 850 SPM.
  • Voltage – 120V.
  • Lighting – Bright Light.
  • Warranty - 25-year limited warranty.

Key Features – Brother CS6000i Review

  • 60 built-in stitches.
  • 7 styles of 1-step buttonhole options.
  • LCD Control Panel.
  • Stitch width and length adjustment options.
  • Automatic needle threader.
  • Stitch length = 5mm & Stitch width = 7mm.
  • Variable speed controlling slider.
  • Built-in free arm.
  • Bright LED light working area.
  • Drop feed capable.
  • 850 stitches per minute.
  • Adjustable tension control.
  • Start/stop button.
  • Protective case.

Brother CS6000i Reviews – Detailed Features & Benefits

At this point, in this brother cs6000i review article, I’m going to describe all the features and functions of this sewing machine model.

Keep reading further to explore all of the features….

Simple-To-Use Machine

The machine brother cs6000i sewing machine is designed with an easy-to-use interface. Even if you’re a beginner level stitcher, you won’t face any complication at the first time use.

This machine unit is a very user-friendly one – according to my own experiences.

This model features a stitch selector switch that will allow you to choose your desired stitch without any difficulties.

LCD Display Screen

The LCD display screen is one of the greatest features of the brother cs6000i sewing machine that you’ll surely fall in love with.

You just need to press a button in order to select a stitch type and the display will show what you have selected. This helpful feature won’t let you commit any mistake while choosing the stitch type.

While working with bulk projects, this particular feature of this sewing machine model helps me a lot.

Easy Threading Option

The easy threading option of this sewing machine unit is another great feature you’ll surely enjoy.

The manufacturers have added a numbered diagram on this machine. This will help you to understand you have to thread this machine.

All you have to do is FOLLOW those diagrams sequentially and you’ll see how easy the machine threading is.

This specific feature of brother cs6000i sewing machine helps me a lot through saving a lot of my TIME. I bet – you’ll also have this same experience.

Automatic Needle Threader

Who doesn’t LOVE to have the feature called – ‘Automatic Needle Threader’?

This particular feature not only saves your time but also makes your threading-the-needle work a completely hassle-free one.

The model brother cs6000i sewing machine has a lever on its side. You have to touch that lever and this machine will automatically do your work of threading the needle.

How does this ‘SOUND’? Perfect, right?

I personally LOVE the Automatic Needle Threader option of the brother cs6000i sewing and quilting machine.

Adjustable Sewing Speed

I must say this feature of making adjustments to the sewing speed is one of the most amazing features of the brother cs6000i sewing machine.

Actually, who doesn’t LOVE this feature? I don’t think you’ll FIND a single stitcher who doesn’t love to have this adjustable sewing speed feature.

The brother cs6000i enjoys a stitch speed slide that will give you the access to change the sewing speed. If you feel like you’re sewing at a faster speed, you can slow it down using the stitch speed slide and vice-versa.

Oversized Table

The oversized table of brother cs6000i sewing machine is another exclusive feature of this sewing device.

For larger projects or heavy fabric, this oversized table will give you a huge advantage over those ordinary sewing machines.

Having such a larger table, you can easily work with your larger projects with complete ease.

To handle my larger sewing projects, I always prefer the brother cs6000i sewing machine only because of this oversized table.

Bright Working Area

Another great feature of brother cs6000i sewing and quilting machine is the super bright working area. You’ll only know the importance of such a brightly lit working (sewing) area when you will work with dark fabrics.

The sewing area of this machine is super bright. So, I get a lot of help when I work with dark- colored fabrics.

Easy Bobbin Winding

The easy bobbin winding of brother cs6000i sewing machine is a feature loved by all types of stitchers.

For your ease, the manufacturers have printed diagram on the body of this machine. This diagram will help you to identify the exact place where you have to place the thread.

This will surely save a lot of your valuable ‘TIME’ as it does for mine.

Built-in Free Arm

Finally, I would like to talk about the built-in Free Arm of brother cs6000i sewing and quilting machine.

This particular feature will help you in dealing with different types of sewing works. The free arm will assist you for sewing sleeves, adding legs on your kid’s clothing items and cylindrical items as well.

In short, the built-in free arm of brother cs6000i will help you to show your creativity while creating beautiful and eye-catching DIY sewing projects.

What I liked

  • Lots of features at an affordable price.
  • Lightweight sewing machine.
  • Easy-to-use sewing device.
  • LCD display screen for stitch selection.
  • Doesn’t create much sound or vibration.
  • Larger table is there for handling larger sewing projects.
  • Start/Stop button is highly convenient.
  • Automatic needle threader saves a lot of time.
  • Uniformity of stitches.
  • Bobbin winding is super easy.
  • Working area is super bright.
  • Hard case is for protection.

What I didn’t like

  • Build material is plastic.
  • Not a great machine for working with thick fabric.
  • Pressure of the pressure foot is not adjustable.

Frequently Asked Questions – Brother CS6000i Review

Is the brother cs6000i a good sewing machine?

The model Brother CS6000i sewing machine comes with a wide range of features.

I can undoubtedly say that it is a versatile machine that is ideal for handling sewing projects of varied types. If you’re serious about quilting, then you can choose the brother cs6000i sewing machine for your purpose.

Can the brother cs6000i sew leather?

Well, the model Brother cs6000i sewing machine is designed to meet almost all types of sewing needs.

You can use this versatile sewing machine unit for your leather projects as well. But, make sure you can’t give much pressure on the needle. So, try to be calm while working with leather items.

Does the brother cs6000i have a foot pedal?

The sewing machine model brother cs6000i enjoys almost all of the basic features. So, YES, you’ll find a standard foot pedal with this sewing machine unit.


Being a professional swist and DIY enthusiast, I have been handling a wide range of sewing projects for over a decade. For this purpose, I’ve come across various types of sewing machine models.

One such model is the brother cs6000i sewing and quilting machine. In this brother cs6000i review, I have tried to cover all the sides of this amazing sewing machine unit based on my own experiences.

I believe you have gone through the whole review on the brother cs6000i sewing machine. To check the price of this machine unit, you can click here.

Besides, if you have some other questions about sewing in your mind, you can message me at any time.

I will be happy to extend my helping hand to help you out.

Happy Sewing!

Kevin R. Watson

Hi, This is Kevin R. Watson! I am a 48-year old experienced quilter who has deep interest in DIY stitching tasks along with handling the professional level stitching projects. To me, sewing is both my PASSION and LOVE. Having such passion, I love to talk about my sewing experiences along with giving reviews on varieties of sewing machines.

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