Brother PC-420 Review – The Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine Unveiled

Brother PC-420 Review

Brother PC-420 Looking for a comprehensive and in depth review of the Brother PC-420? You have come to the right place, I have scoured the Internet to put together the most object and fact filled review you will find. I have spent a great deal of time researching and summarizing my information to ensure that you have  everything you need to know to decide if this machine is right for you. We will also share what other reviewers from all over the Internet have to say about the brother 420, this information is the unbiased reviews of those that have already purchased and used this machine offering you everything you need to know to make your decision on whether this machine is right for you. So let’s put aside the hype surrounding this machine and get down to the facts you want to know.

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Brother  PC-420 Review

Brother has taken a lot of hits in the sewing machine market in recent years that said it is hard to find anyone that has anything at all bad to say about the Brother PC-420. This machine seems to have mostly fans and very little in the way of complaints. Since you are searching for reviews it is obvious that you want to know everything thing there is to know about this machine, and this review aims to offer the most object review  that you will find on this project runway sewing machine. Since you are doing the research you know already that there are some important factors to consider in the purchase of any sewing machine, you want to know how well the machine works and what benefits the PC-420 offers you over other machines and finally how well it will hold up. We will look at each of these facts separately as well as offer you the opportunity to see what other owners think of their machine.

How Well Does the Brother PC-420 Work?

First most people want to know exactly what features a sewing machine has and what exactly you can do with those features. When I get email one of the most asked questions is can the Brother PC-420 perform the task I have for it? This question can be broken down into two different parts? Does the PC 420 offer the features you need and will those features work well enough for the project I am doing? *The Brother PC 420 starts out with a robust 294 stiches to ensure that you always have plenty of stitches for any project you want to use your sewing machine for. Even better this machine has direct stitch selection buttons that allow you to select a pre-programed stitch with a touch of a button, you can even design your own stitches for later use. Included in this generous amount of stitches is 10 styles of 1-step button holes and 3 fonts of lettering along with numbers and characters. You will also get: Brother-PC420

  • 67 all-purpose utility stitches- The Brother PC-420 includes all the basics and a whole lot more, in fact probably more than the average sewer will ever use. You will find straight stitches, a number of different Zig Zag stitches, blind hem, over edge, applique, patchwork, joining, overcasting, basting and many more.
  • 31 Decorative Stitches – While not an embroidery machine the Brother PC-420 has a generous number of decorative stitches you that you can use to jazz up those great new fashions you are making on your project runway machine.  You will have everything from vines, heart, scrolls and heirloom stitches to choose from and a lot more.
  • 16 Satin Stitches – In addition the decorative stitches you will also have some satin stitches that can be used to create beautiful designs.
  • 5 cross stitches, you won’t find cross stitches on your average machine, these are a great way to dress up your daughter’s new dress or add some color to your linens.
  • 3 complete fonts that include 55 letters and characters. You will have gothic, script and outline to choose from.

Brother-PC420-utility-stitches Brother PC-420 Utility Stitches

If you like to be more creative when you sew, or you find yourself creating the perfect stitch and want to save it, the Brother PC-420 PRW offers the “My Custom Stitch Creation Program”. This program is perfect for those that have experience to create their own stitches and want to save them. Simply draw your stitch out on the grid sheets that Brother supplies, and put the stitch points into your machine, the PC 420 will save your stitches so that you can use them to sew. You can use up to 70 stitch patterns in combination, this is helpful if you want more than just flowers in your pattern, you program leaves in with your flowers or any other pattern you might want.

The Brother PC – 420 comes with 13 Presser Feet

With all those stitches you will need a variety of presser feet to handle the specific tasks that you want to do. The large number of presser feet that comes with the Brother PC-420 offers an amazing amount of versatility when combined with the large number of stitches that are available. PC 420

  • Buttonhole foot
  • Button Fitting foot
  • Adustable zipper/piping foot
  • Blind Stitch
  • Monogramming foot
  • Non-stick foot
  • Open toe foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Quilting foot
  • Stitch guide foot
  • Walking Foot
  • Zipper foot
  • ZigZag foot

In addition to all of this the Brother 420 offers a built in knee lift to raise the presser foot so that you can keep your hands on the fabric when you are repositioning the fabric. Other features include a programmable thread trimmer, an LCD screen and an advanced needle threading system. With so many features you may be wondering if the Brother PC-420 is the machine for a beginner, while it may seem overwhelming to those of you that have not done a lot of sewing, Brother does an excellent job of ensuring that you will be able to use this machine as soon as you set it up. Easy to learn and a dream to use, you do not have to be a sewing expert to use this sophisticated machine.

What Benefits Does the Brother 420 have for Me?

Looking at features is all well and good but most of us want to know what will this sewing machine do for me? We want to know if this is the sewing machine for us, the simple answer is that the Brother PC-420 is the sewing machine for anybody who wants to learn to sew, loves to sew or is taking the next step in their sewing. Here is Why. The PC 420 has More Bells and Whistles than any other machine in its price range. In fact you can buy a machine for twice the price and still not get all the features that you will find on this machine. If you are looking for an affordable machine with multiple functions and a large degree of flexibility this machine will more than exceed your expectations. You Can Get Started Sewing Right Away – One of the aspects that customers love about the Brother PC-420 most is that it is ridiculously easy to set up and get started on. If you are intimidated by fancy machines and too many controls but would like a robust machine, then this is definitely the machine for you. Most people spend a few minutes looking through the manual but with auto threading and drop in bobbins you can be sewing within ten minutes of getting out of the box. Handles Problem Fabrics Easily – One of the best signs of a quality machine is how it will handle really heavy fabrics such as leather or denim or thin ones such as silks, the PC 420 handles all of these fabrics equally well. Everyone Agrees Hands Down the Best Bargain for your Money – WE all want a great sewing machine, but few of us can afford the $1000+ price that most of them cost. One of the biggest selling points on the Brother PC-420 is that it offered the best quality and features for the price. This is a machine that anyone can afford, and that everyone can have fun sewing with. Perfect for all Levels - This machine has been used by professional fashion designers and seamstresses with excellent results and all of whom rave about the number of features that this machine offers. You will however find just as many beginners that have purchased this machine and are pleased with its ease of use and their ability to utilize the features of this machine right away. Get your Brother 420 at Amazon

Is the Brother 420 Reliable?

Perhaps one of the most notable things about the Brother PC-420 is the lack of complaints, when I looked for all the negatives about this machine there just were not that many. A scan of the internet does not come up with the usual complaints about almost every other sewing machine, about it breaking down. Some people are concerned about the plastic foot pedal that seems a bit flimsy but no one has had problems with them yet, so it merely a concern not a problem.

I found only two person that got a bad machine, but out of the hundreds of reviews out there that is a really good percentage, one of those people got a replacement and it worked great. The only other complaint I read about this machine is that the measurements on the footer plate were in centimeters instead of inches and there is no guide currently made for this machine to fix it. You can read reviews for yourself at Amazon where you will find the best price available on the brother PC-420 and I have included a few of them for you to read here as well.

Love This Machine! This a nice machine. I read the manual through once and was able to sew on it with confidence. I usually have trouble getting used to a new machine. The Brother PC-420 is very quiet and sews like a dream. There are many features that most seamstress’ would love. My favorites are the automatic threader, the adjustable sewing speed (you can go real slow when working on something intricate), the auto thread cutter and the one touch reverse stitch. There are so many more features that I haven’t used yet. I’ve only found one thing I don’t like and that is the automatic presser foot lift and lower feature. There is a metal bar thing that goes under your sewing table and you use your knee to raise and lower the foot. It’s kind of hard to do although I’m sure it would get easier with practice. I just do it manually. This is a solid, well built machine. I was using a $700 Husqvarna. Boy did I get ripped off when I bought that one. This machine can do so much more and was almost half the price. By Me in DC

A great machine for the money I read a lot of reviews for a lot of machines, and for the money, this one is as good as you can get. I am mostly a clothes seamstress, so I am reviewing from that perspective. I used it for a dress for a friend’s birthday, and was able to use the letters to embroider a care tag for the garment. I also used it to add a mock blanket hem to a polar fleece jacket. I bought the optional binding foot, which I have never used, even on my old machine, and except for the beginning part where I was getting the hang of the operation, am happy with the end result. I would highly recommend this machine. About the only thing I haven’t figured out whether or how to do is make the machine leave the needle down when it stops. I hope it does have this feature, but there is a button that you can press to put the needle down. It just happens one stitch later than you might want I’ve found. Ellen

Sew Glad I got this machine I agonized over a sewing machine purchase. I am by no means an experienced or professional sewer…but this machine makes me feel like one! I wanted a few certain things. Needle down. Free arm. A larger throat space. I also thought it would be fun to have some creative choices with stitches. Boy does this machine fit the bill. I still have no idea what I am doing but I am having a lot of fun trying! The Brother PC-420 is a good machine for the money…In fact I think it is worth a lot more than it costs. L Solliday

To Check out more Reviews about the Brother PC-420 Visit Brother PC-420 Reviews on Amazon.

The Brother PC-420 Gets 5 Stars on Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Sewing Machine for Quilting – Part Two Knowing the Features You Need

Best Sewing Machine for Quilting

This is Part 2 of the 10 part series on Choosing the Best Sewing Machine for Quilting Part One can Be Found Here

sewing machine for quiltingPart of what makes a sewing machine a great quilting machine is the features that it has, yes it still needs to be a good machine, but even the best quality machine will not work if it does not have the features you want for sewing. Of course this is rather subjective too since the more experienced you get the more likely you will be to want more features. This article seeks to explain the features that most quilters need and want in a sewing machine.

Keep in mind that many machines claim to be adequate for quilting and yet fail to provide these important features, this goes for budget and premium machines, so it is important to make a list of the features you need and compare it against any machine whether it is advertised as a quilting machine or not. Many machines do not advertise as quilting machines but rather as embroidery machines but are also very well equipped to produce beautiful quilting. While it is impossible to list all the desired features in one article here is a look at a few of the ones you will most want to look for.

Sewing Machine for Quilting

1)      Good Straight Stitch - While this may seem like the obvious this is one of thetop things quilters cite as an absolute must for a quilting machine. If you have had many sewing machines you will also know that this is not an automatic. This is information you will have to search for in reviews and buyers comments if you are buying online, and if you are buying at a dealer it will be time for a test drive to make sure

2)      Your machine should be easy to thread- if you do a lot of sewing you know how important this is, an automatic needle threader, a thread cutter and drop in bobbin can save time and make fun hobbies not so tedious.

3)      The machine should come with a number of different feet - Check to make sure that the machine you are considering has the correct feet for the type of work you will be doing, some of the feet used in quilting include a walking foot for ditch quilting and straight line work, an open toe applique foot if you plan to do any applique, an edge stitching foot that produces a very accurate 1/4 in seam by using a guide, and a darning foot for free form quilting.

4)      Check the stitches - While most machines come with a wide range of stitches built in there are a couple you will really need for certain quilting tasks, the zig zag stitch and a blind hem stitch along with a standard straight stitch is all you should need.

5)      The ability to disengage the feed dogs by lowering or covering them- this allows you to quilt free form, this ability is often available on embroidery machines and on some quilting machines be sure to ask.

6)      A Good quality motor - while not exactly a feature, quilting machines get a lot of use and tend to burn out quickly if you do not have a good quality motor, look for a motor that can run for extended periods of time without overheating.

7)      A control for needle up and needle down as well as a pivot function - This offers more control over your quilting and allows you to keep your eyes and hands on your work.

8)      Setting the speed of your motor - this really is a must for quilters especially beginners, this handy feature allows you to set the maximum speed that your motor will run meaning that you can keep a consistent steady pace through your sewing and avoid mistakes.

This is really only a few of the features that quilters ask for and some of the most important ones that you need to be on the lookout for. There are dozens of other neat features available on high end models that will make quilting a pleasure.

How To Choose the Best Sewing Machine For Quilting – Part 1 Points to Consider

best sewing machine for quiltingThis is Part 1 of an 8 Part Series on choosing the best sewing machine for quilting, You can find the other Parts with these links here as they are published.

Choosing the best quilting machine takes a lot of consideration, there are many different machines out there that claim to be good for quilting but simply because they claim it does not make it so. The problem is what is right for one person may not be what is right for the next. Why? Because there are far more variables than most people realize. Budget is probably one of the first and most important ones, there is such a range of machines and many of them are priced out of the budget of the average consumer.

Level of experience and how much you quilt will also factor heavily into your decision, if you have been quilting for a long time then you will have some definite ideas about what you need and want in a machine. That opinion will be based on the type of work you do, how complex it is as well as what machines you have had in the past and where they either fell short of the mark or left you feeling spoiled.

A beginner will likely be overwhelmed by a machine that may seem ideal to an seasoned quilter, this does not necessarily make it the wrong machine for the quilter who knows what she wants, but a beginner would be better off choosing a simpler sewing machine that they can learn to use at the same time that they learn to quilt. The best quilting machine for a beginner will have the features you need for quilting without going overboard with fancy features you may not need or use.

Machine quality is an important consideration; nobody wants a machine that will not work or one that is going to break before you even finish your first quilt. However it is important to note that you can get a quality machine in many different price brackets so you do not need to put off your desire to learn how to quilt until you can afford an expensive machine. Sure these machines are a dream, but for a beginner getting their feet wet a lower budget machine can be found that will get them well on their way, there is time to dream about the better machines another day.

In Conclusion you should find machine that matches your budget and skill level. Then have a clear idea of what you need the machine to do before you go looking, too many times people rush to buy a machine only to find out later that it lacks important features, do your research first. Finally investigate each machine on your list to ensure that they have an overall positive reputation for being reliable and working the way the user expected.

Next we will talk about what types of features you should look for in the best sewing machine for quilting, too many machines say they are ideal for quilting that really are not, so it is important to know what features you will need.